Coaches Spotlight: Alexa Parr

1. When did you start coaching?

I have been coaching for about 5 years now. In college I worked as a trainer in “Globo gym” and led bootcamp style and circuit training classes. Through my major in school, I was also able to work in the collegiate weight room with the cross-country, softball and basket-ball teams at GCSU. Once I graduated college, I got the opportunity to get my Level-1 CF Training Cert and help open up a CrossFit gym in Milledgeville. I moved home about 2 years ago and have been with CS&F since then!

2. How do the certifications that you hold help you as a coach? 

I have learned so much from each of my certifications! They have provided me with a knowledge base that helps me to better serve my clients on a daily basis. I love that I am able to work one on one with gym members because I feel like I can best utilize what I have learned when we really dive into how they move and where their limitations, weaknesses, or movement flaws are.

3. What is your favorite aspect of coaching?   
I love seeing people overcome challenges that they never thought they would be able to do on a daily basis. I have people all the time come into the gym for the first time and say “Oh, I will never be able to do that” or laugh at me when I mention doing handstands or something “crazy” like that and then 6 months or a year down the road they do it or they hit a big milestone to get there and they see that it really is attainable. It lights fire in people when we realize what our bodies are actually capable of. Through this process I see people fall in love with pushing themselves and working hard everyday and that is by far my favorite part of coaching.
4. What advice would you give to someone just beginning their fitness journey with CS&F?  

Don’t give up! Challenge yourself daily whether that is in your workout, or with your nutrition, or with getting to bed a little earlier at night. We grow when we face challenges and the more little ways that we can challenge ourselves, the better we will be. Sometimes change is slow, it is not always easy, but the process can be fun and it is always rewarding! Find what you enjoy doing and what you have fun doing and challenge yourself regularly!

5. Tell us one thing we don’t know about you or a fun fact about yourself!

I’m not short. I’m fun-sized.

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