Our Facility

Our Facility Features:

  • Three Separate Bathrooms
  • Two Full Service Individual Showers with Mirrors
  • Five Full-Height Bay Doors
  • Two “Big Ass®” Fans/Air Movers
  • Two Industrial-Grade Exhaust Fans/Air Movers
  • Two Heating Units For Main Floor
  • Separate Kids Room with TV and Observation Window
  • Separate Personal Training and Specialty Class Studio
  • Separate Study/Lounge Area with Couches/Chairs for Teen and Older Children
  • Self-Service Retail Area
  • Self-Service Prepared Meal Fridge/Food Delivery From Fresh-n-Fit Cuisine
  • Hybrid Access (24/7 Gym Access) During Non-Class Times
  • Free WiFi For Guests/Children/Students or Work
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Devices


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