Worried About Swimsuit Season? Here is something to do at home…

This warm weather is really coming up on us fast.  It is like most things in life…we are looking forward and anticipating things ahead, but we rarely plan ahead for it.  This can often lead to fear, anxiety, and avoidance.

I know that most everyone I work with, including myself, have some self confidence issues.  Whether that be public speaking, starting something new, or hanging out at the pool in a bathing suit.  Most of us can relate to one of these or quickly think of one that we identify with.

One thing is true of all these scenarios, to face them confidently you need a plan and not just trying to figure it out on the fly or it will be too late.  If you have to speak publicly you have to practice and practice until you become comfortable in front of an audience.  If it is trying something new, you have to regularly be brave and step out often to get over that fear and it helps to bring a friend along.  If the bathing suit season is coming, then start working on your fitness now and do not wait.

Here is something you can do at home to help.  Do some interval running and Tabata bodyweight exercises.

Try running to one mailbox fast then walk to the following one, repeat for 5 minutes.  Over time you can increase this to 10 minutes or 15 minutes.  You can also increase the distance, such as run past two mailboxes and walk to the next one.  Work hard and recover fast.

To work on muscle development, Tabata is an easy tool to assist.

Overtime, you will want to incorporate weights or your body will adapt and you will begin seeing diminishing returns on your effort.

And of course, we are always here to help if you need anything.


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