Women doing more than they thought possible!

Today as I was coaching the benchmark “Jackie” workout I witnessed something amazing.  It was a class of 7 which is small for my usual 9:30am class.  They were through the row, through the thrusters and beginning to work on the pull-ups of the workout.  Then it dawned on me.  These girls…this one guy amongst the girls…my athletes…are doing it.  They are doing pull-ups…and they are doing them perfectly.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude, pride in their hard work but most importantly…their dedication to their fitness.  These ladies in particular were doing pull-ups with ease and grace.  They were pulling for their bodies, their kids, their families.

Back up a year ago when we tested this workout in 2015.  Most were modifying this workout in some way.  Doing modified pull-ups and possibly even a lighter barbell.  Some struggled to finish and most were not close to getting their first pull-up.  But this time…they were stronger, more confident and able to do the work out as prescribed.  That’s the beauty of a benchmark workout and testing yourself consistently…to see how far you have come.  I was so proud to watch them fly on the bar with all that they had and to know that it took hard work, bloody hands, sweat and maybe even a few tears to get there.  But they did…and it was amazing to watch.  Most of them improved their previous score by minutes…and in a workout that is short and fast like this one…minutes are HUGE.  They are fitter than last year.  But not only that…they are stronger…stronger for themselves, for their families and for all of the little girls that were in there watching them fly on that bar.  Their girls who will some day possibly be doing the same because Mommy did it.  They have tight bonds with the other people that they workout with…people who push them to better themselves day in and out so that on a day like today…can high five them and say “girl…you crushed that”.  The same friends that may have fought through Jackie with them a year ago…all better…all fitter…and more confident in the things their bodies can do.

I am so proud that I get the privilege to coach these men and women day in and day out and that I get to witness things like this.  Today was magical at the gym…and I could hardly contain it so I had to share.

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