Women (and Men) need weightlifting….not just cardio

Yes, it is true and you can research it yourselves….weight training has far more benefits that just pounding the pavement for hours on end or even hitting  high heart rate circuit training with light weights.  Yes it does get the blood flowing, but your bodies need to be challenged with load to get stronger and to burn fat.  Here are a simple list of the benefits of weight training:

-Burn a LOT more fat….researchers have found that including weight lifting into your exercise routine will increase fat loss by up to 40% more according to Penn State researchers.

-Your Clothes will fit better…back to that fat burning idea.  You will gain lean muscle mass which is smaller than that bulky fat. (1 pound of fat takes up 18% more space than muscle)

-Burn more calories….You mean all that time on the treadmill will not burn as much as lifting a heavy weight….correct.

-Your diet will improve….according to a Pittsburg University research group, exercising helps to reinforce better eating habits, particularly when incorporating weight training.  It helps to feed your efforts with good things.

-Aids in managing stress….research shows that the fittest folks have the least amount of stress hormones.  Living stress-free would be nice! 🙂

– Lifting weights could help you earn more….research shows that those professionals that utilize weight training are 15% more productive on days they train.

-Stronger bones….yes weight training can build stronger bones and even reverse the onset of osteoporosis.  That is a good thing!

There are several other reasons that you should incorporate weight training into your fitness routine.  The next question may be where to start with weights?  Fill out an info request on on our website.  We would be happy to help!

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