Why we Squat….Because Mom Said So!

We like to squat, mainly because it develops really nice glutes….aka butt!  However it goes well beyond that alone.  Let me share.

We usually squat at our gym at least once a week sometimes more but the primary driver is that it is the basis for living and moving well.  There is not a day that does not go by that you do not squat, if you are a healthy and proficient mover.  You drop something to the floor, you need to pick up your kids from the ground, and the list goes on.  Because this is a foundational everyday movement, we train how to do it well and regain the flexibility to do it as we age.  (and we teach folks to squat below parallel….because that is how we were made….just watch a kid squat)

Also- it is incorporated into our program as it elicits many internal effects that we all desire.  It can help reverse osteoporosis in the body.  Squatting under load allows the bones to grow strong and even reverse the negative affects of osteoporosis.  We have had several clients have a bone scan and their doctor report back very favorable results.

Squatting also allows the central nervous system (CNS) to fire aggressively and release hormones in the body to generate stronger muscles.  Squatting with a weighted bar does amazing things for the body from a physique and overall health perspective.

And for all the meatheads….I have read a research article based out of Canada that showed the affects of squatting versus bicep curls and the effects on the bicep growth.  Because the man squatting was using a multi-joint movement (squat) with a larger load than the other gentleman doing a single joint movement with less load (bicep curls), the results were that the squatter grew his bicep circumference more.

Butt (good pun)….rest assured that squatting, even under heavy loads will not make you bulky or even gain weight.  It may certainly tell your body to fuel it more due to the energy used….but squatting alone will not add bulk.

Point is….squatting is good for the body and help the physique in the mirror.  We do it for a reason and the reason is for results.

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