Why we have dual programming?

You may have heard the adage that one size fits all…and we could not disagree more.  When it comes to fitness most people are looking for results that are tied to goals they have and we have a wide variety of programs to best align with those goals.  Everyday we talk with current and potential clients about goals and where they want to go with their fitness.  We are upfront if we can help them, which we usually can and occasionally redirect folks to another solution if we cannot.  Here is a brief list of things we offer:

-One on One coaching
-Fundamental Preparation
-Hybrid Memberships
-Nutritional Coaching
-Weightlifting Classes
-Group Classes
-Kids and Teen Classes
-Endurance Programming
-Triathlon Programming & Coaching
-Gymnastic Development Seminars

One thing we do on a daily basis different than others is to offer two options for our group class offerings.  Each person can pick a training program daily that best fits their goals….Fitness or Performance.

Our Fitness Program is excellent for folks looking to develop lean, strong and healthy bodies.  They will use tried and true strength and conditioning principles with simple compound movements to improve body composition while remaining string and healthy.

Our Performance Program is for the individual wanting to take their athleticism to the next level.  They will see more complex multi-joint movements such at the Olympic Lifts, Gymnastics, sprinting, etc.  The goal with this program is to maximize your potential to get you strong, fast and fit in a safe environment.

We realize that not everyone fits into one box and that they want options to best suit their unique goals.  We have found this to aid in keeping folks healthy, fit and moving in the right direction.  Reach out to us and we can see if we are a good fit for you.

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