Why Does CS&F Exist?

I often have this conversation multiple times a week throughout the past 3 years of operating, even many years before we opened our doors to the public.  I thought it is something that should be written down and shared so people understand who we are and why we exist.

Our goal/mission is:  “To change peoples lives through fitness”

That is a very open-ended idea by design.  I wanted to create an environment through a community to enrich peoples lives well beyond the walls of a building.  My personal goal in life or passion has always been to help others achieve their dreams or goals.  I love to see others dream up something that is borderline crazy and go out and do that.  So…that is what we decided to do, create a gym that would get people fit physically but more importantly keep them connected to a larger group of folks that make them better humans.  We encourage folks to utilize their fitness to live better lives….to spend time out in nature with loved ones, leverage their new friendships from the gym to go on trips.  We celebrate those that go learn a new activity/sport and go on an adventure each year.

The ability to see well over 25 men regularly meeting each week outside the gym talking about life and encouraging each other sounds odd to many but it has been life changing for these guys.  They have a new set of genuine friends to do life with.  Seeing moms offer to watch each others kids when their husbands are traveling to give each other a break is a generous thing to watch.  Being able to have people regularly thank us for opening the gym because it has radically changed their lives is so rewarding to me.

So the “why” of who we are is to make others lives better.  To create a community of ordinary people that are doing amazing things together.  Our end result should deliver a better life for others.

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