Why can’t I shed this extra weight?

Every human looks in the mirror at some point and compares themselves to a magazine cover or people on the television with aspirations of being like them.  Most often it is to lose weight believing that weight loss will cover their self image concerns.  What I have come to realize is that before you tackle that self image issue you need to look inward.  Can you look in the mirror and be happy with the person you see?

Having goals is necessary and encouraged, however, when it comes to weight and self image there is often never enough…there is always a few more pounds to lose.  That is why many folks, especially teenagers and young adults, fall into eating disorders.  I believe it is usually a lack of life experience and maturity.  They have just not accepted themselves for who they are yet.

So once you learn to love yourself then I believe tackling weight loss is a healthy goal to pursue….although many still struggle with even that.

Here is why I believe folks struggle with weight loss and even more so about keeping it off….they do not have a plan.  And if there is a plan it is not sustainable.  Think of cramming for a final exam….it may get you a passing grade but did you really learn anything and retain that information….likely not.  It was purely a quick fix that will not yield long term learning/results.  It is making up for not making the small deposits of studying on a regular basis throughout the semester.

This is very much so the case when it comes to nutrition and weight loss.  You need a plan that you can look at and see yourself doing for 20 plus years.  One that is rewarding and enjoyable otherwise, you will find yourself cramming for short term goals due to no long term plan or approach.

So why are you struggling to lose, if that is your goal….it is likely constant distractions that detour you from your goal.  It is a scenario that you will burn out on after a few weeks of grinding and getting fed up on.

We love working with people to solve these common problems.  We all have the same issues, it is just a matter of finding the right plan for you and setting goals, reaching them and enjoying the journey.

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