Why are you so tired?

It is amazing how our body works and was designed by a creator that allows it to naturally take care of itself in most instances.  One factor that many of us take for granted is sleep.  It is a natural medicine that allows the body to heal and regenerate, although many of us do not view it that way, including myself at times.

We often view sleep as a means to an end….a way to simply supply ourselves with enough energy for the next day.  That is not what it is meant for in its entirety.  It is what keeps us healthy.

Think about the pattern of sickness we all have experienced.  We get tired and when ignored it sends us signs….headaches, burning eyes, etc.  If we continue to avoid/ignore these signals we end up developing symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, sneezing, etc.  If we still avoid them and do not yield to adding more rest into our routine to cure these symptoms they inflame into a sickness/infection.  We then have to use external resources to reduce these flames in the body (medicine either natural or synthetic)…..and we end up in the bed sleeping a large amount to heal the body, which is what it was asking for in the beginning.

Point is that sleep is vitally important to help us thrive in all areas of our life yet it is something most of us struggle to prioritize.  We all need ample rest and at a minimum of 8 hours, but even then listen to your body based on the demands and stress you put on it.

This is not a call to be lazy but rather a call to respect the body you were given to manage.  Take care of it and it will take care of you.


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