Why are CrossFit people CRAZY???

Have you ever met someone who just started utilizing functional fitness (CrossFit) as their new fitness outlet?  If so, you probably did not have to ask them about it….they likely told you already!  They likely went off on a large tangent that you were trying to escape from as quickly as possible.  They use foreign words…like WOD or they did an RX workout, or they show you their bloody hands after doing kipping pullups….even better they just started this new Paleo diet thing you should check out.  At this point you are as much annoyed as confused.

By the time you escaped that conversation, if you have never done CrossFit, you likely thought they are narcissistic and loony.  The truth is they are maybe a little of the above but more than likely they have experienced something that has changed their life….for the better.

Most everyone has experienced this in some way in our lives before.  We find something or even someone that brings a new level of excitement….a new level of opportunity to our lives.  It opens up new possibilities that once may never had been an option.

On my fitness path it has done that for me and I have seen what it has done for others.  I have seen disease come under control, levels of strength achieved I never thought possible, mental hurdles overcome, and found a new pack of friends to do life with.

All of this to say…when you come across these people understand they have found something special for them.  They have found a group of people to surround themselves with that believe in them for who they are and what they are doing.  They are beginning to believe in themselves after years of doubt.  They are accomplishing things they thought they never could.  They are becoming the person they want to become.  They are putting in lots of hard work, but the work is yielding results.  They are proud and if you care about them you should be proud of them.  They are attempting to better their life.

At Cumming Strength and Fitness we believe in Fitness, Family, and Fun…and that yields life change.  People will accomplish new things surrounded by a family of others having fun along the way.  You should come join the fun!

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