When your gym honeymoon ends…

Whether were talking about fitness or dating, theres no better feeling than the honeymoon stage.

You know the stage: Those first few days, weeks, maybe even months when your newfound relationship or passion for the gym is novel and youre overtaken by giddy-ness and over-the-moon excitement and anticipation.

Its all you can think about

Fast-forward a few months to when the novelty wears off, and now youre left figuring out how this passion or person is going to fit into your life.

Making the transition from the honeymoon phase to real life is often when relationships fizzle. Its also when gym goers fall off and return to their lazier old ways.

Why? Because reaching this fork in the road usually comes with a realization that the fun, carefree path you were on suddenly feels like work. Hard work.

Truth is, we never said fitness for life was going to be easy!

In fact, fitness is relentless. Its not something you can work on for a bit and keep forever. If you want it, you have to keep earning it. Day after day, after day. Relentless!

This fact turns many people off, and I believe its one of the main reasons people give up. But its also the reason those who stick it out love itbecause the most satisfying things in life are earned.

Its not easy, but choosing to stick with it is just that: A choice. What are you going to choose?

If you have reached the end of your honeymoon gym days and are searching for ways to rekindle the excitement for the gym, here are 6 Tips to keep you committed:

6. Log your scores

Whether you use an app, a google doc or an old-school paper notebook and pen, keep track of your numbers and your progress. And then remember to go back every couple months and see how far you have come. Reminding yourself of your gains will help keep you motivated to keep moving forward. It will also remind you that you dont want to return to your former fitness level, to the days where you couldnt do a pull-up.

5. Consistent schedule

Consistency is key. The most consistent members also tend to keep a relatively consistent schedule. When youre all over the map with your schedule, its easy to tell yourself youll go to the gym after work or the next day, but then not follow through. But if you’re a Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6-am kind of person, this schedule becomes routinelike brushing your teeth.

4. Meet a friend for a class

This is especially useful for early morning classes when its so easy to hit snooze and go back to sleep. But if you plan to meet a gym buddy at the 6 am class and then head for coffee or breakfast after your workout, its more likely youll get up at the sound of your alarm.

Because nobody feels good about themselves when they get a text from their friend asking, Where were you this morning?

3. Meet your coach

Meet with your coach and set some tangible, measurable goals and put a plan and timeline in place for you to get there. Having something specific to work towards, as well as a training plannot to mention a personal training session with your coachgoes a long way in ensuring you continue to honor your commitment to yourself.

2. Sign-up for a competition

Whether you sign up for a local competition or a triathlon or running race, having a specific event to train for helps instill personal motivation, and maybe even some healthy fear, to make sure you get your butt in the gym!

1. Be gentle with yourself

Some people fall off because theyre tired of feeling guilty when they miss a day. Even though we want you at the gym each week, if your mind needs a break for a day or even a week, give yourself the license to take that break guilt-free. Wimping out happens sometimes. Let it go.

Or possibly the best tip of all: When your eon the fence about hitting the gym, ask yourself this: Have I ever felt worse after a workout?

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