When is the best time?

So this past Saturday morning I had the pleasure of spending time with a great group of guys at our gym. We discussed the idea of doing life together and the importance of having intentional relationships. I heard a statement last week, that is likely well know: “When is the best time to plant an oak tree?…20 years ago. When is the second best time?….Now!”

I thought this was timely for me to hear, as in life we never know when tough times will come. Whether it be bad news at work, relational issues, even bad news about a loved ones health, or worse death. So a sobering question is….who are you going to take those issues to in order to unpack them and process them? You certainly can take most of them to your family or spouse, but what about family issues and they are likely involved. We all need an outside perspective.

I believe we should have those oaks rooted deep in our lives years ago, so when a storm comes we can be strong and have deeps roots to support us. The oaks are our close intentional friends in this analogy. I once heard a pastor say that it is so tragic and often that they get calls with tragedy occurring in a families life. The first question they ask the aching person is, who are you actively doing life with or in a small group with? So often the family responds no one…they were just living life and tragedy struck.

One thing we all know…life is not always easy. What I know for certain is that having folks around me that understand me…the good and bad makes my life better. When tough times have come I have always had people to turn to that drop what they are doing to help. Money cannot buy that….and a counselor will not fully understand in that moment.

As we launch a men’s group at the gym to solve this problem in most men’s lives, I am excited to see these guys lives get better and more enriched! So please, go plant an oak tree now! 

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