What to take away from the Open Tournament…..

What to take out of the Open Tournament…

It’s a 5 week long challenge.  A challenge of fitness, mental fortitude, and of course…a load of fun!  Here are a few things myself and your coaches would love for you to gain from this tournament…

  1. More friends!  The team style tournament provides a platform for bonding in some amazing ways!  We helped each other, cheered for each other, banded together, wiped our friends and teammates off of the floor and continued on for 5 long weeks.  Nothing brings people together like suffering.  Nothing.
  2. Things to work on!  The Open workouts are designed to find holes in your fitness.  Period.  We all have them and to varying degrees.  This is a great way to hone in on those things and make new goals out of them.  Make the decision now that whatever held you back this year…will NOT hold you back next year.
  3. A sense of pride in your community!  We donated food, cars, coffee, doughnuts, time, energy and much more over the last 5 weeks.  We impacted people’s lives in ways that we may never know or see.  That’s a good feeling.  We helped people.  We decided that looking outward was important and we did something about it as a community.  Job well done.
  4. A sense of pride in yourself!  Some of you took on workouts and tests of fitness that you never thought were possible for you.  20 minute workouts, workouts with high skills like bar muscle ups, workouts that were meant to crush you.  I don’t think ANY of these workouts crushed ANY of us.  On the contrary…we CRUSHED them.  We conquered them and made ourselves better.
  5. Seeing how working out with friends is where it’s at!  I don’t know about you…but I can’t imagine doing a single one of these workouts alone.  Yuck!  We all have each other to push us, cheer for us, wipe our tears of joy and our tears of pain…and maybe our bloody barbells.  But you know they are there…and they always will be.
  6. Making it fun!  Our community is the very best at making everything fun!  We were amazed at the weekly team spirit displays, the team ideas and participation.  We had well over 100 people participate this year at nearly 100% participation…not because it was the ‘Open’…but because we promised it would be fun…and you all did not disappoint!
  7. Your coaches sense of pride in YOU!  We saw some amazing displays of courage, tenacity, mental toughness and an overwhelming spirit of overcoming obstacles.  That is the spirit of the Open.  To push the boundaries of yourself and to help push the people around you.  To find new strengths in yourself you didn’t know you possessed until you were given the opportunity to push. 

We are so proud of all of you…it comes and goes quickly but we will never forget the things we learned from what the 2016 Open had to offer.  You all are an inspiration.  Daily.


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