What are you going to do when you get there?

I believe that we are all created with desires and passions deep within us that are given to us by our creator.  These goals are often times what drives us and motivates us even at an early age.  We all remember watching Disney Sunday night movies as a kid and hearing the theme song…if you wish upon a star- you can fill in the rest.  Point being we all have these dreams, goals, passions to do something big with our lives.

A question I thought when traveling this week is-  What would you do if and when you get there?

What I mean is, is your goal something centered around you and you accomplishing something?  If you get there, earn it, win it, do it- what will you have to show for it?  Who will be impacted by it?  Will it positively impact others to make them better?  OR is it something that is solely centered around you??

Are you geared towards a goal that will make a bigger impact on those around yourself and not just impact yourself?

Now that you are thinking, I am sure you are twisting ways that this accomplished goals can be morphed into ways to help others- but that’s not your first or second motive- if we are honest with ourselves.

We are drowning in a culture of selfishness where absolutely everything is geared around comfort, self improvement and basically- me, me ,me.  It is a constant battle that I see in my own kids- they are being programmed by society to be more selfish however it is my wife and my job to counter that force.

I say all this as a reminder to myself- check my motives.  What am I really after and why?
Would it really bring lifelong fulfillment?  Would it help you become happier in life?

I believe these passions are good but should be directed on the end result or on others.  What could you do if you got to that goal?  Who’s life could you better because of it?  How much influence would reaching that goal give you to better the world around you?

Dream on about how we can use the gifts we have to make the people and world around us better.

Keep being awesome and make other awesome around you!


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