Wellness Wednesday: A Testimony from Elizabeth Kleid

See, I’ve joined the population of people that have a thing. A thing that follows me. For a lot of people, the thing is: “I’m overweight” or “I’ve just had a baby” or for some, “I have an injury or a diagnosis or even a handicap.” As of 1 year ago this month, like so many others, I’ve joined that population. My thing happens to be a diagnosis.
I have been a part of this community of Crossfitters and Runners and Hikers and Bikers and Lifters for about 5 years now. Fitness means so much more to me NOW than before. BUT NOW, my answer to “What does fitness mean to you?” is so different… in the most real way I’ve ever meant in my life…
If I would have been asked the question “What does fitness mean to you?” prior to my thing, I would have JOYFULLY said my typical, “It’s everything! It’s fun! It’s my stress relief! It’s time with friends! It’s my thing I look forward to! It’s goals met and new goals set!” And, there is NOTHING wrong with those answers! They’re all answers true from my heart! Those are great reasons to be fit!
Now fitness is my livelihood. Its a huge part of how I keep my diagnosis at bay.
Now fitness is being healthy enough to play with my daughter on her swingset or to dance to Elvis Presley 10 times in a row before breakfast.
Now, fitness is my natural anti-anxiety and anti-depressant as I realize my body isn’t “working” the way it did before and that’s OK! I can still feel the victories of challenges overcome!
Now, fitness is a legitimate part of my daily routine: Eat well, sleep well, work out well, LOVE GOD and LIVE LIFE well.
The community at CS&F has been there for me through it all in the last 5 years! Starting with: “How can I be stronger to work long shifts at the hospital?” to “UGH, I need to go work out because the studying is so stressful!” and the fun of, “Allyson, I want to do that competition next month.” and “Jill, I want to do a pull up! That’s my goal!” To the dreaded, “Brent, I want to run better!” and I’ll never forget “Rachel, I want to look cute in this outfit for the Sam Hunt concert next month! How can I eat healthier?” Then, this amazing group of coaches has been there as I sadly said, “Its relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. My doctor said I need to be as healthy as I can be…” And they encouraged with open arms and said, “OK, let’s do this!”

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