Assault Bikes 2 minutes

Crossover Symmetry

15 Hip Extensions on the GHD


Banded Overhead Samson Stretch

15 Waiter Bows

Clean review


Strength and Skill:

Every 2 minutes, for 16 minutes (8 sets):

2 Clean Lift-Offs + Power Clean

Build over the course of the 8 sets to something heavy.

A Clean Lift-Off is the first portion of the clean, from the ground to the knees. Keep your torso angle consistent through all phases of this lift-off, and pause 2-seconds at the knees each lift-off. After your second lift-off, reset and perform a power clean.


For time:
30/15 Calories of Assault Bike
60 Lunges with Kettlebell Farmer’s Carry
Row 1000 Meters



For time:
Row 1000 Meters
60 Lunges with Kettlebell Farmer’s Carry (24/16 kgs)
120 Double-Unders

Time cap of 14 minutes.


LAX to Plantar Fascia

Roll Posterior

LAX to glutes


Box Brief:

*******We are excited to announce that we will be holding our first 8:30am class tomorrowFeb 22nd!  Classes will be held on Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 8:30am going forward!  Make sure to sign up for class!
*******We announced our first Open Team Challenge last night…shoot a short video of yourself and someone else doing 5 burpees together and post to YOUR FaceBook wall to earn a point for your team!
Couple of requirements:  must be done outside of the gym and you must tag your captain(s) and check in at CS&F for the point to count!  (if you are not on Facebook…send your video to your captain!)
*********The Open tournament has officially begun and we will be running our first workout during ALL classes this Friday.  The workout is announced Thursday night at 8pm on the website LIVE!  By simply joining a class and doing the workout (RX, Scaled, or modified) you get a point for your team – but you MUST check in!
**Please make especially sure to register for classes during the tournament so that we can plan accordingly**
**********FRIDAY NIGHTS:  It’s the FUN night!  Even if you completed your workout earlier in the day, come back on up to the gym and cheer for and support your fellow teammates!  Classes are held at 4:30pm and 5:30pm.
**********IF you want to redo the workout or if you miss it Friday, we will host Open Gym time Sunday from 12:30-2pm.
**********Reminder we are still continuing the Commitment Club and will be announcing those people at the end of each month!*

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