Run or Row

Crossover Symmetry

Samson Lunges Down

Inch Worms Back

15 Matrix Turns

Banded Lat Stretch

15 Trunk twists

10 GHD Situps

15 Hollow Rocks

15 Supermans


Skill Work:

Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes:

Minutes 1-2, 7-8:

Muscle-Ups with a Pause at Receiving and Pause at Full Extension x 2-5 reps (OR Low Ring Muscle Up Progression + Dip Catch & Extension x 3-4 reps)
Minutes 3-4, 9-10: Handstand Walk x 10 meters
(use partner assist or Handstand Wall Runs if you don’t have handstand walks yet)
Minutes 5-6, 11-12:
Strict Toes to Bar x 5-8 reps @ 3 sec descend



Every 4 minutes, for 20 minutes (5 sets):

Row 500 Meters
40 Double-Unders
20 Push-Ups

Alternatively, perform in teams of two as quickly as possible. As soon as the Concept 2 is available, the next person may start rowing. Goal is for both partners to finish their 5 sets as quickly as possible.

**Record Working time



Roll Posterior

Mash Calf/Achilles

Couch Stretch

Lax to Shoulders/Pec

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