Run or Row

15 Scorpions

15 matrix turns

15 dislocates

15 hollow rocks

Bear Crawl down

Crab walk back

3 wall walks

warm up movements


Skill Work:

Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes:
Minutes 1-2, 7-8: Muscle-Ups x Max Reps in 45 seconds
(OR 3 Rolls to Candlestick + Low Ring Muscle Up Progression x 3-4 reps)
Minutes 3-4, 9-10: Handstand Walk x 10 meters
(use partner assist or Handstand Wall Runs if you don’t have handstand walks yet)
Minutes 5-6, 11-12:
L-Sit Hold x 45 seconds accumulated time


Every 5 minutes, for 25 minutes (5 sets), complete as many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:

5 Burpee Toes to Bar
(perform a burpee, immediately followed by a toes to bar)
Run 400 Meters or Row 500m is severe weather
Max Reps of Bar Muscle-Ups – or – Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups – or – Pull-Ups

Rest 2 minutes, and repeat when the clock strikes the next five-minute interval for a total of five sets.

Note in comments which movement you selected to perform for max reps.



Mash lats on roller

Banded shoulder stretch (palm up)

Lax to pec and shoulder

Banded hamstrings

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