We have 8 reasons that CS&F makes CrossFit safe for you!

We often hear from strangers and even some friends that CrossFit looks hard or even scary.  I certainly understand that thought…seeing people performing movements you may have never seen.  Watching folks sometimes laying on their backs in exhaustion at times can certainly be scary from those on the outside looking in.  BUT here are a few reasons that we at Cumming Strength and Fitness use to ensure you will have nothing to worry about when starting your CrossFit journey:

  1. We sit down in person and talk about you first, in a 1 on 1 environment.  We want to know your past, present and where you want to be in the future.  We want to know why you are at this crossroads in your health journey and if you want us to be your coach/tour guide.
  2. Based on our 1 on 1 conversation we will build a Fundamentals program around you.  It is geared around getting a person educated and equipped for group classes.  Your Coach for Life will walk you through each session at your pace, with no hidden agenda.
  3. As mentioned above, you will have a Coach for Life.  You will no doubt have questions about fitness and how certain things work and you need someone to go to.  You will have just that in your coach to discuss the highs and lows as they guide you through your Fundamentals and beyond.
  4. Our group classes have challenging workouts that are coached so that no matter what fitness level you are at in your journey you will benefit from them.  Each coach will assist in scaling a workout to your specific level…..have no fears.
  5. And do not worry if you forget something you learned in Fundamentals, as you will have a coach there in each class to help you brush up on the technical points.  They are there to reinforce things and help you along your path.
  6. Each class you will have a passionate coach there to watch over you to ensure you are moving properly and to assist if your movements breakdown.
  7. Everyone will be excited to meet you.  Our team and people will welcome you with open arms.  People are always encouraging each other, talking and laughing….you know the way life should be.
  8. Our community is the best ever.  We have people from all different walks of life sharing in a common goal of taking ownership of their fitness while encouraging each other along the way.

So after reading all that, how can CrossFit sound scary?  You will find a staff of people who care about you and will guide you through a life changing journey of fitness via a mapped out plan.  This plan will lead you to group classes full of amazing humans that cannot wait to meet you and cheer you on in the gym and in life.

So shoot us a note as we would love to talk to you about where you want to be 6 months from now.

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