We are a gym and we don’t believe in resolutions.

Resolutions are fickle. It’s the one time of year when people feel obligated to make health and fitness claims…without regard for how they will accomplish these things or what it will take. Gyms experience a burst of attendance in January…and then back to normal in February when the resolutions have fizzled out. And that is exactly what they want – your money but not your commitment. We are different…we want your commitment…and we will hold you to it.

What we do believe in is desire, commitment and accountability. If a person has these things…a desire to become more fit, commitment to a plan and accountability to a strong community and a coach for life…now that is a recipe for change.
Cumming Strength and Fitness offers many programs to help you if you are the person who is ready for a change…not just blowing resolution smoke.

We offer the following programs to fit a variety of needs and goals:
– Personal Training

– One-on-one training prep for CrossFit

– CrossFit classes

– Nutritional coaching

– Endurance training

– Weightlifting classes

– Kids and Teen Classes

– Sports Team Training
If you are interested in making a serious change…we have a coach ready to help you succeed and to keep you accountable to your goals for the year. The first step in the process is a conversation. That’s it. No gimmicks just real talk about what you want and how a year of commitment to fitness can change your life.
My favorite question this time of year is this: If you were to start something like this today…where do you think you will be in a year from now? If you don’t…where do you think you will be in a year?  
It will not be easy…we don’t claim that it will be. But what we can promise is that it will be worth it.
Visit our website to put in an information request You can also download some useful fitness and nutrition guides for free.
Here’s to a year full of the things you go after,

CS&F Coaches

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