Ultimate Guide to a Better You!

Your clothes don’t fit.

You can’t keep up with your kids.

You just feel tired all the time.

So, what do you do? Try harder and hope for the best?

But try harder at what? Do you even know the right steps to take to make improvements in your health?

The truth is you only have do a few things pretty well to get in and stay in great shape:

Learn how to train the right way.

Learn how to eat right for you.

Learn how to recover and rest well.

The last thing you need in order learn and thrive in these areas is a coach who will guide you in all of these areas so that you can lose weight, get stronger and have more energy than ever before.

Nobody is too old. too injured or too out of shape to get started. You don’t have to be in shape, but you do have to be committed to showing up. Even if you’re busy, even if you’re sore and even if you simply don’t want to.

To get you started here are some basic fundamentals we believe and practice here at CS&F everyday:

Train the Right Way

You are looking to get stronger and better at life. We have found that applying movements that you do in everyday life inside the gym under the watchful eye of a coach is extremely beneficial. We are looking to maximize your time and effort to help you move safely and effectively. These functional movements keep your joints strong and builds the muscles around them to make you more durable and overall healthier.    


Eat Right for YOU

You have been lied to by infomercials and celebrities about all these amazing diets that give you a shortcut and while they may give you a bump- they are not long lasting nor beneficial long term. Food is the fuel that gives us the energy to operate day in and day out, so we should give our body what it needs and when it needs the fuel.  We know how to get you on track and on a plan that is sustainable and enjoyable without breaking the bank and reliant on magic pills. Eating nutritious foods that are full of taste and give you energy are at the core of our plan. We cannot wait to show you how to feel great.


Recover and Rest Well

We know that you have a hectic and busy life that has ups and downs throughout the day. But many people do not listen to their bodies and the signs that it gives us. While food is our fuel to give us energy, sleep is the repair shop to get our bodies back in line and on track. Sleep is not an option, as if you ignore the need for rest you will develop symptoms and if those are ignored you will become sick. It is funny how smart the body is. We have strategies to help you get the rest you need while still living a vibrant life. Your coach is here to share their knowledge to give you peace of mind and more rest.


Community Support = Success

You have tried the P90X or Insanity or even TaeBo, maybe even Jane Fonda…they can help no doubt but what do you do after the 30-90 day challenge….you likely quit- assuming you finish. You are not a failure, you just were likely not setup for success. We know that having a support community around you provides the long term results. To have the accountability of a coach is huge, but to have the daily/weekly encouragement of friends keeps you coming back for more. There is a unique force that is created in an environment where people are sharing similar experiences through a challenging task.  Those bonds are created and forged each week and creates a support system that will not allow you to quit on yourself.


All of this adds up to over $1,500 in total value, but through this offer you can get everything here for $997!

So what are you waiting for? Apply today!

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