Typical North American Diet to A Nutritious Diet

The following is what you may see in a typical North American diet. Take a look and decide what you think may be wrong with this sample diet.

Breakfast – Cereal, orange juice, bagel and/or toast or skip breakfast all together

Snack – Granola bar, crackers, candy and/or fruit or possibly skip snack all together

Lunch – Sandwich and juice or soft drink

Snack – Same as earlier

Dinner – Meat, vegetables, starchy carbohydrate

Snack – More snack food, popcorn and or ice cream

Sample breakdown:

– Not enough protein and/or nutrients through the morning hours: breakfast is the most important meal of the day

– Too many processed/sugary carbohydrates

– Little to no healthy fat intake

– Fruit and vegetable intake is far below the recommendation

– Too many calories later in the day when most people are more sedentary

– Too little/no water

Improving Typical Meal Patterns

Habit 1: Eat slowly and stop eating at 80% full

– Increases appetite awareness

– Teaches clients to listen to hunger cues and body sensations

– Reduces total calorie intake

Habit 2: Eat protein dense foods with each meal

– Easiest way to support daily protein needs

– May improve metabolism, body composition, and performance

Habit 3: Eat vegetables with each meal

– Easiest way to achieve daily vegetable needs

– Improved micronutrient and phytonutrient intake

– Improves acid/alkaline status of the body

– Helps to control overall food intake

Habit 4: Save high-starch meals until after exercise

– Easiest way to control carb intake

– Helps with nutrient timing

Habit 5: Eat good fats daily

– Easiest way to balance fat intake

– Improved inflammation control, hormonal profile, and metabolism

*to make these habits practical for you we can talk about what a typical day looks like for you and make a few changes to implement each of these patterns.

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