TUESDAY 200505


200m Jog
15 PVC Dislocates
10 Inch Worms with Push ups
10 Scorpions
30 Sec plank hold
200m Jog

Grab a lighter dumbbell to warm up the presses and rows

Press and Row

Every two minutes for 16 minutes:

Odd Minute- 6 Kneeling DB Strict Shoulder press each side (2 sec pause at the top + 3 Sec descend)

Even Minute- Bent over DB Row (2 sec Pause at the top + 3 sec descend)


Every 2:30 minutes for 5 sets of….

400m Run
10 Strict Press + Max Push Presses (95/65#)

Rest one minute between sets.

*Goal is to run a 2 minute 400m or less to give you time for presses each round

FITNESS 200505

Every 2:30 minutes for 5 sets….

400m Run
10 DB Strict Presses + Max DB Strict Press

Rest one minute between sets.

*Goal is to run a 2:00 or sub 400m run
scale the distance if needed

At Home- Squat plank and climb

When the clock starts, perform…

Every minute, on the minute, for 15 minutes (5 sets) of:

Minute 1: 60 seconds of Alternating Cossack Squat
Minute 2: 30 Second Plank Hold
Minute 3: 16 Slow Mountain Climbers – hold each position for one second

Run Press Lunge

When the running clock reaches 18:00, perform the following…

Complete as many rounds and reps possible in 15 minutes of:

200 Meter Run
20 Dumbbell Push Press
10 Alternating Reverse Lunges with DB Farmer’s Carry
5 Burpee Dumbbell Deadlifts


Banded Shoulders (if you have a band)
Scorpio holds on each side to open shoulders and pecs
Child’s Pose for 90 sec

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