TUESDAY 191015



400m Jog
Crossover Symmetry


200m jog or 400m row
10 Dislocates
10 Good mornings
5 Burpees
10 Squats

Two Sets of:
Scapular Pull-Ups x 5
Plank Shoulder Taps x 10
Mountain Climbers x 20



Five rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run or 20/15 cal on bike
15 Burpees to Target (touch your pull-up bar)
10 Strict Pull-Ups


For time:
1200 Meter Run or 1000m row
40 Burpees to Target (touch your pull-up bar)
40 Pull-Ups
800 Meter Run or 750m row
20 Burpees to Target
20 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
400 Meter Run 0r 500m row
10 Burpees to Target
10 Bar Muscle-Ups

Challenge…perform the running/rowing/biking portions of this workout using only nasal breathing. Inhale and exhale through your nose, and if you find that you’re unable to do so, slow things down until you can regain your nasal breathing pattern. When you get into the gym for the burpees and pull-ups, breathe however enables you to move through quickly, but once you start running again, work to resume nasal breathing as quickly as possible.

30 minute cap.


Roll Posterior
LAX to pecs and traps and feet
Couch Stretch

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