TUESDAY 170704



Assault Bike 2 minutes

Crossover Symmetry

15 Good Mornings


200m Jog

10 Inch Worm push ups to Spiderman

Downward Dog hold to stretch calves

10 Scorpions

15 Squats


Fitness and Performance:

“Hotshots 19”

Six rounds for time of:
30 Squats
135/95 pound Power clean, 19 reps
7 Strict Pull-ups
Run 400 meters

Time cap of 50 minutes.

Nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team tragically lost their lives on June 30, 2013, while fighting a fire in Yarnell, Arizona. Here is where you can make a donation to support the families of the lost heroes. Your support will be collected by the CrossFit Foundation where 100 percent of the donations will be distributed to the families.



Mash and roll

LAX to feet and Glutes

Banded Lat Stretch

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