TUESDAY 170613



Row 500m

Crossover Symmetry

15 Dislocates


200m Jog

20 Jumping Spiders

10 Inch Worm Push ups

10 Scorpions

Deadlift Review


Strength and Skill:

Four sets of:

Deadlift x 4-6 reps @ 2 sec descend
Rest 20 seconds

Ring Push-Ups x max reps @ 1 sec descend, 1 sec pause in bottom, 1 sec press and 1 sec pause at the top
(terminate the set once you’re no longer able to maintain the prescribed tempo)
Rest 2 minutes

Take 12 minutes to complete.



In teams of three, with one partner per station, complete as many Dumbbell Man-Makers as possible in 12 minutes of:

Station 1 – 400 Meter Run
Station 2 – Dumbbell Man-Makers (Row, push up, Row, push up, Power Clean and thruster)
Station 3 – Rest


Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 Meters
20 Wall Ball Shots

Time cap of 18 minutes


Mash Quads

LAX to Glutes/Plantar Fascia

Roll Hamstrings and Thoracic


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