Training versus Competing

Now that the Open (and all it’s glory!?!) is behind us, have you ever given thought to the difference between Competition and Training?  OH, yes, there’s a difference!  Many of us daily have to turn OFF the voice in our heads that says, “this hurts too much” – and that’s completely normal…but there are times when you’re training, that you need to “LISTEN” to what your body is telling you…AND believe it or not, you should probably listen to what your coaches are telling you too!

What do I mean by all that?  Bottom line is this – you’re paying to exercise with us – so why not let us help you be the very BEST you can be?  Instead of just showing up and “getting it over with” or “going through the motions” or even “competing for a top spot on the Leaderboard” what if NOW you focused on TRAINING!  In my opinion, we have the potential to be broken as a community if we only think of our daily success as a place on the leaderboard. We have one chance to live our life…let’s be the BEST we can be for ourselves and stop comparing ourselves so much to what others can or can not do!

So, how to flip the switch from competing back to training?  Here’s how!

  1. Go back to the basics – foundations of movement.  When we drill positions under light loads in our Olympic lifts and gymnastics movements…listen to the coaches’ cues and suggestions on where to pause, how fast to get there, and what tempo to follow!  Believe it or not, we drill this to help your bodies neurologically move the same way when you’re under heavy loads and ‘real’ time speed.
  2. Focus on QUALITY over quantity – ever seen a video of a beautiful muscle up or a flawless snatch?  Do you think those folks got that good by working on their form at 90% of their 1RM?  Stay light if your movement isn’t perfect!  Heck – grab the PVC pipe even if you need to!  Anyone see that recent picture of Hunter when he first started CrossFit?  Do you think he’s hitting PR’s with that amazing form {insert sarcastic laugh}? No one starts out with perfect form…start light and trust the slow, steady process and believe or not, progress.
  3. Force yourself NOT to cut corners!  Your body will naturally try to find a way to make things seemingly easier…but if you TRAIN (there’s that word again) with the correct movement, when a Benchmark WOD comes back around I bet you’ll PR since your movement will now be BETTER!  Unfortunately, I bet many of you don’t even realize your body is taking short-cuts!  Slow down and check your form/range of motion with a coach!
  4. Work on the scales and progressions of movements.  Naturally, we see fancy handstand walking, kipping muscle ups, and butterfly chest to bars and we can’t wait to learn these new tricks!  Honestly, the truth is sometimes this is putting our bodies in positions we shouldn’t be in (YET, if ever).  We need to earn the right to go there by building our musculature to support those positions.  Think crawl before walking, static hold before rocking/moving, and STRICT before kipping.
  5. Forget what the “Rx” says!  It’s a number  folks – not the holy grail of life!  Is the Risk worth the Reward of checking that Rx box if you got hurt in the process?  And speaking of process- were your movements clean? Did you move with virtuosity?  We can help you determine the proper loads and modifications – we LOVE to help you find what works for YOU as an individual!

I’m not saying don’t compete – just save that game face for game time – Benchmark WODs, local competitions, and the 2017 Open!

Compete with yourself to be better than you were yesterday…TRAIN your way to a BETTER YOU!

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