Training with us meets the 6 human needs

According to larger-than-life speaker, writer and business coach Tony Robbins, there are just 6 basic human (emotional) needs.

It doesnt matter what youre doingbuilding a business, getting married, raising a family, training for the OlympicsRobbins believes we all want these six things to varying degrees. In other words, we dont all value the six needs equally, but how we value each one determines the direction our lives take.

Getting to know yourself by getting in touch with your true needs will allow you to be more successful in all areas of life, Robbins says.

1. Certainty/Comfort

Humans need to feel safe and secure. Often feeling safe comes with feeling in control. People who need a lot of certainty in their lives tend to be more adverse to taking risks, where as those who dont require as much certainty and comfort tend to take bigger risks, both in their jobs and in love.

2. Uncertainty/Variety

Some people are happy to do the same thing day after day, week after week, where as others crave more variety, and uncertainty in their lives. It adds excitement.

3. Significance

To a certain degree, everyone needs to feel important and needed (aka significant in some way). To some, this might mean earning a lot of money, to others it might mean being as fit as possible or getting a PhD, and to others still it might mean gaining a big Instagram following (hopefully not). Significance, though, doesnt have to be all about our achievements: It might mean getting a tattoo or haircut that gets you noticed, or even having more drama in your life than the next person (again, hopefully not).

4. Love/Connection

This one seems obvious: We all need love, and social and intimate connections. To those of us who feel that love is the most important thing in life, its hard to imagine it not being that way for everyone. But believe it or not, not everyone sees love and human connection as the number one priority in their lives.

5. Growth

Personal growth drives us. I would imagine anyone who trains with us values this one pretty high. For most people, the reason you work on your health and fitness is to see yourself get better. Growth helps us value ourselves.

6. Contribution

As we all learned as children at Christmas time, giving is more rewarding than receiving. This is more true for some than for others. But no matter where you fall on the contributionspectrum, given back provides us with meaning. Robbins says what you give back in life is what will contribute the most to long term happiness and fulfillment.

Now think about how fitness, and specifically how being part of our community, can fulfill the above needs:

  • Fitness can provide certainty and comfort by giving you a weekly gym routine, not to mention by helping your become fitter and healthier.
  • We definitely provide variety, as every day training here is different than the last.
  • The support you receive from the community, and the friendships you make, can help make you feel noticed/important/significant.
  • Connection and love goes without saying (see above): Genuine support, genuine friendships.
  • Fitness is, in my opinion, one of the greatest sources of personal growth, especially since we measure improvement in a tangible way.

Your turn. Post to comments. What do you value most? Certainty, variety, significance, love, growth or contribution?

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