Training smarter not harder…

In the gym we do not compete but train while having fun.  There certainly is an element of competition with ones self and friends but the intention and design is for each person to train within themselves and their own limits.  Each day we prescribe a workout that each class does that has a mix of movements with varying weights and skill levels.

I often get asked, why is that so Heavy or why do we do Muscle Ups when not everyone can do them.  The short answer is “We program workouts for the most skilled and strongest person in the gym”. So why?

The reason is that the weight and skill is structured to challenge the best in the gym but also allow the workout to be modified to the skill and strength level of each individual.  ALSO, we modify the workout to each individuals unique needs.  Let me explain more….


If we have a girl that can clean (move an object from the floor to shoulder in one movement), let’s say 200 pounds, and the workout calls for multiple cleans at 155 pounds.  That weight will not have the same affect on her body as another girl that can only clean 155 pounds one time.  SO would it be wise to always program workouts at 115 pounds to accommodate the less strong girl?  No- they can do the same workout by modifying the load to get a similar stimulus as the stronger girl.

The same example is true for a high skilled movement like a handstand push up.  I can provide several different modifications to get a similar stimulus of pressing a persons bodyweight.

The result is that the patient person will get stronger faster and will do so in a safer environment.  The importance is understanding each person and their unique needs.

Understanding each persons needs and background is vitally important as well to apply an appropriate modification for them.  If have an athlete that suffers from extreme plantar fasciitis, on running days I have given her a modification of rowing or utilizing an air-dyne, while giving her stretches to alleviate the issue.  After a month of this she is now running.

If said athlete were hung up on doing a workout as prescribed she would have only worsened the issue.  Understanding the athlete and helping them overcome their unique scenarios can go a long way fast.

So athletes, do not get hung up chasing weights or trying to do things your body is not ready for.  Listen to your coach and seek out the right weight or skill to get the desired stimulus for each day.  This will carry you further faster.  Athletes with preexisting issues, share them with your coach to modify a workout based on your needs and put a plan together to fix the issue and not to put more gas on the fire!

Also, by modifying heavier and higher skilled movements you will be on a direct track to reaching those heavier weights and skills quicker.  I always save move beautifully and the skills and weight will come…perfecting the simple things makes the harder things come naturally.

WoD well my friends!

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