Tired of getting older?

Man, somedays we wake up a little slower and more tired than other days it seems.  We feel like the clock is speeding up and we are slowing down on how fast we can move.  That feeling can creep up on us quick and leave us wondering what happened.  In a fast paced life with activities, work, marriage and such it is hard to take care of ourselves.  Here are a few simple and easy things you can do to help:

1- Eat a good breakfast with carbs…yes I said the evil word.  Make sure to prioritize a healthy protein in your breakfast like a lean meat or eggs….the serving size should be at least the palm size of your hand.  Include a healthy carb like fruit, I like berries as they are not so high in sugar but help fuel the body.  Breakfast is such an important but often forgotten meal of the day.

2- Try to stick to eating several snacks throughout the day to keep the blood sugar steady instead of 3 large meals a day.  That will also prevent the urge to stuff your face with food at those large meals.  It also keeps the blood insulin levels more stable throughout the day to help prevent that mid afternoon crash.

3- You need to get outside and exercise, yes you knew this was coming.  You need to naturally detox our bodies through sweating and also getting the heart-rate up.  It does a variety of things for the body that help….gets your endorphins up, boost metabolism, allows the body to burn off calories ingested, and makes you feel more confident about yourself.  Start out walking if needed then add in some interval sprinting, eventually adding in some strength training and other intense variables.

The point is that we live in a society that encourages laziness…think about it.  Everything that technology is creating and “health” companies are creating is around short cuts without long term health in mind.

The truth path to real health is a long term approach that is sustainable and repeatable.  Something you enjoy with variety to keep you engaged both mentally and physically.  That will keep your energy levels up and keep you moving in the right direction.


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