THURSDAY 20210218


:90 on Bike or Rower
10 Leg Swings Front/Back Side/Side
5 Plank Walk-outs to Push-up
10 Floor Facing Snow Angels
5 Thread The Needle/side
Seated Forward Fold Stretch
Samson Stretch

2 Rounds:
6 Push-ups
6 Lunges


5 Rounds for Time with a 14:00 Cap:
10 SA Alternating DB Snatch (50/35#)
12 Box Step-overs (24/20″)
14/10 Calorie Row or 12/9 Calorie Bike

Scoring: Time

Strength and Skill (After Metcon)

Every 2:00 for 16:00 (8 sets total–4 sets of each):
Interval 1 – 10 Goblet KB/DB Single Leg Step-ups w/:02 Eccentric [5/leg] (As Heavy As Possible w/Tempo) *
Interval 2 – :30 Max Effort Prone Banded Hamstring Curls **

* Set up a box so that your hips start at around a 90 degree angle.

** Use a green or blue band for the prone banded hamstring curls and try to keep tension on the band for the entire :30 throughout the movement (avoid jerky motions or using a ton of swinging momentum).

Goblet Box Step-up (10 Rep)

Weight used for Goblet Box Step-up (10 Reps—5/side)

Scoring: Load

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