The Why is more important that the What!

Often times in random conversations at random places the common social norm is to ask folks “what do you do for a living”?  I, like you, get asked that often and my response changes many times to help others get to know why I do what I do rather than the job itself.  Let me explain that as it will shed some light into why we work in “fitness” as a passionate career.

I am a firm believer that every human must take care of their body to truly enjoy all that life has for them.  You MUST have fitness as your foundation to be able to tackle life as it comes at you.  To be able to get in the floor with their kids, chase their grandkids around, to go on adventures, to be able to go hiking in their golden years….you get the picture.  To be able to do these things you have to take care of your body.  Our “why” for what we do is to make other peoples lives better by preparing them for an awesome life!

So often you see folks chasing their career and letting their health wither away as their bank account increases and their sky-miles rack up but their sleep, eating habits, and such deteriorate.   Then before you know it they look at themselves in the mirror 10 years later upset and disgusted with what they have become.  They have to go hire a personal trainer to make up for lost time all the while their bodies have paid consequences for their long term choices.  No one has ever regretted taking care of themselves as you cannot take care of others if you do not first take care of yourself.

The point in all this is that we started a fitness based business not to teach people to move better, get more fit, make more friends, become stronger, be more confident, do thing they never thought possible…..although these things do happen everyday at the gym.  The “why” in what we do is to lead people down a path to live an incredible life through fitness.  Our mission is to change lives through fitness.  If you wake up each morning confident that you can tackle what life throws at you in a confident manner than you are ahead of 99% of the world!

Fitness is not always easy and it is not always fun everyday, BUT it is the foundation of living an amazing life.  Cars, money, jobs and such will come and go….BUT memories are made DOING things with others.  Make sure your fitness never holds you back from making those memories!

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