The feeling of Success…

Remember the first time you did/got something you NEVER thought you could?  
Maybe you hit the walk off home run 

Maybe you saw your name on the Varsity team list (that was plastered to the gym door), 

Maybe you got the offer about your first real job (really, you’re going to pay me how much?) 

Or maybe you got a great test score on a huge test – landing you a B (thank God) in a really tough class.  
For me, I remember scoring a picture perfect goal in one of my soccer games – off my head – it could have been a Sports Center Top 10! My dad used to incentivize me and say he’d give me $100 if I did it! Ironically neither of my infinitely supportive parents were there for that game. Unfortunately, there was no video evidence, and the story just couldn’t do that moment, that feeling, justice. I was on cloud 9 though! Can you relate to that feeling?  
Maybe for you it was the first time you stayed up on your feet on skis, or you made it to the shore line, standing on your surf board, or you reeled in a huge catch on your deep sea fishing excursion! Even better if you had your crew there – your family, your boys, your best friends, etc all to witness your success and cheer with you when your VICTORY happened!      
These moments CAN keep happening – no matter where you are in life…and today was a reminder of that for me.  
I think I’m going to enjoy this moment for quite some time in fact! This accomplish may not make sense to many of my non-CrossFit friends…but imagine that goal or dream that you thought you could never EVER do…and then you do it…that feeling is amazing! And you just want to share it with everyone!  
I’m excited about my accomplishment to be completely honest, but that’s not why I’m sharing this. As I’ve reflected on the accomplishment, I realized so much more:  
SUCCESS can’t happen in the presence of self-doubt, comparison, or whimsical focus. I know because I have tried all these methods, and they all failed me. You know this too and have heard this before – it’s not a new revelation!  
Ever heard this quote?  
“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up” Vince Lombardi
This video is a great example (please excuse the language)

In the last year and a half, I have had the same goal – to get a ring muscle up. I have had periods of time where I worked on drills and had many failed attempts and other times when I simply stopped trying. Since November, I have been on a mission. I’ve taken in the suggestions and coaching cues all around me, and I have kept trying.
Today, I woke up saying to myself “Today’s the day!” 

Today, like many days before I knew I had my crew, my army of supporters cheering me on (whether physically present or not).

Today, I got back up and tried again when I failed.

Today I believed I could, I stopped worrying about what others could do that I couldn’t, I had laser focus, and I SUCCEEDED!  
My hope for all of you is that you can somehow, someway move yourself out of your own way – focus in on your goals and go after them! And get a crew behind you – to cheer you on along the way and especially share in your victory! To do this, you might just have to be a little bit vulnerable – to share your goals with others and to fail – because as Henry Ford said:
“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently” 

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