The Confessions of a Pregnant and previously injured woman…the couch is the enemy!

It never fails at any level and at most any activity that involves intensity or a competitive element that injury can present itself.  That is how life operates- we learn to push ourselves to become better or to even test our own limits in the pursuit of reaching new heights.  Those rare times when our movements break down or life scenarios change should not be something to set us back or to keep us out of the gym.  With your coach you can put a plan together to help you keep moving.  Check out what Stacy shares in her experiences:

Confessions of a injured and pregnant lady….

Being on the sidelines sucks…there, I said it. Beyond the fact that you are injured and most likely in pain, you can’t workout like you used to. It is not fun at all. But….. over the years, I have found bright spots despite the frustration and discomfort. A silver lining to the grey cloud of not being able to do all that I once could even though I know it will be short-term. And I hope it helps you along the way as advice to keep you moving as I have…NUMBER 1 RULE- talk with your coach to come up with a plan to keep you active in accordance with your doctors recommendations.  The couch is rarely the correct solution, but all to many times that is where people go during a set back.

The very first time I was ever injured was very early in my CrossFit journey was a shoulder ailment.  Although it was not severe in anyway it was a nagging one.  This was difficult to modify as well since you need your shoulder for everything, but I worked with my coaches to keep moving and to get it stronger. So, I did everything everybody else was doing – but with less weight… even an empty bar at times or even dumbbells. This wasn’t that frustrating to me, because as I said, I was just starting out and may have been an empty bar anyways based on where I was. The second time I had to modify, I wasn’t recovering from an injury, I was pregnant. This was not fun in many ways because there was no discomfort to remind me I shouldn’t do that movement – just a big bump on my body that wouldn’t get out of the way of my cleans and other movements. I removed running, I couldn’t do double under and toes to bar were out of the question. Since I couldn’t run – I replaced that with the rower. I was an awful rower- I hated it, I dreaded it and in my mind it was the worst. But I did it…for months. And you want to know what happened? I became pretty darn good at it. And….dun dun dun…. I actually like it now. What??  Yup, I like to row…crazy I know. 

By listening to a coach and modifying appropriately it made me like something I used to dread. Now, I am injured again (dropped the good ole casserole dish on the toe) and having to modify again. This injury will not be months long (thank goodness) but it will be for a few weeks so I am looking forward to a month of repetitive movements.  It is hard to have constantly varied movements when you are injured. This time – it seems that movements from the rig (pull ups, ring dips) and the air dyne bike are my best choices. Not looking forward to either as I have avoided these movements in the past. But, I bet I’ll get good at them. So, if you are injured, pregnant or avoiding movements – don’t put yourself out of the game, don’t self loathe in frustration. Let the pain subside for about a week, put a plan together with your coach – but then get back in the box and do the movements that don’t inhibit you. Have a conversation with your coach and put a strategy in place.  Be grateful that you can move even if you are restricted to a certain group of movements.  Go to the gym and do the work and the next day, do them again – because that’s all your body will allow. At the end of your injury, you might become very good at something you never knew you would enjoy. And I bet you will recover even faster and be happier that you did not succumb to the couch by avoiding the gym.

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