Soda….Why and how to kick the habit?

We all love a good soda on a warm summer day or any day for that matter.  The carbonation that makes the eyes water a little, that super sweet taste that seems to solve the worlds problems and even thinking of it may get you salivating a little.

The reality of it is that most everyone knows they are horrible for you and the sugar in them becomes the drug of choice for many folks.  And for the folks that think diet is better….it is not as they are loaded with more chemicals than the regular non-diet versions.

I have talked to so many folks trying to cut the habit.  I do not think it is a lack of education around how bad they are, but if so, check out this list  of the 20 Practical uses for Coke.  I have tried many of these and frustratingly they do work, which is sad to realize the damage they are doing to our bodies.

So how can we all cut the cravings?  You can go cold turkey on them and jump to healthier alternatives like water, but that is easier said than done.  Here is something that I have seen work for others….

Go to your grocery store and buy a container of real orange juice (not the concentrate kind) and a case of LaCroix.  Pour 1 cup of OJ over ice and then pour a can of LaCroix over it to mix it properly and enjoy.

You will get the carbonation, sugar from the OJ, and not all the chemicals.  Over time you can reduce the amount of sugar/OJ but the result is a healthier and refreshing way to cut the Coke out of the diet.

Let me know how you like it?

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