September Athlete of the Month: Vivek Venkitaraman

When did you start with Cumming Strength and Fitness? 

July 2014

Favorite Workout?  


Least Favorite Workout?  

Anything involving running!

Favorite Movement?


Least favorite Movement?


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve been shuttling between the U.S. and India for the last 20 years. I went to school in Memphis in 1996 (U of M) and worked in Atlanta till 2004 before work took me back to India. I got involved in a tech startup and that brought be back to Atlanta in 2014. My wife, Harini, is a CPA and also an Indian classical dancer and we have a daughter who’s 8 and a son who’s 4.

What were you doing before you joined CS&F?  

I played soccer most of my life and I have the calves (good) and knees (bad) to prove it! I’ve also been in and out of several traditional gyms since I was 18.

What was the first CD you bought?  

Faith – George Michael (I know!)

Favorite Cheat meal? 

Carbs – Rice, any kind.

What were your goals when joining CS&F and have you achieved them?

My goal when I joined CS&F was probably the same as most that join a gym – lose weight and get fit. Over time I think my goals have evolved as I’ve gotten more educated about what it means to “get fit”. Yes, I have lost weight but there’s so much more to change than that. I do believe that my body’s fundamental composition has changed over these past 3 years.

Do you have any other special memories/ achievements during your time here?  

I can’t really pick a single memory – there are so many and we continue to make more so often! The thing that stands out for me is how much more than a gym CS&F is and has become for me. The people have been warm and welcoming and have made me feel a part of this community like no other. The other outstanding aspect of this group (and it starts at the top) is how much they do for the community. I’m blown away by the compassion and generosity of this group as a whole.

What advice would you give to a newbie just joining Cumming Strength and Fitness?   

I know the first couple of months are hard – mentally and physically. The workouts don’t get easier but it gets more rewarding as each day goes by.

Something you might not know about me is?  

I paint – oils mainly.

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