Scaling: Slow down to go faster

As we all mature in age and continue to pursue fitness we all have to constantly adjust our approach to training.  Our bodies as they age become less resilient and require more attention.  Unlike our youthful selves that could once jump into an athletic endeavor without warming up or stretching a muscle….that is not so as we mature, especially those that work in a chair most of the day.  Our bodies were designed to move and sitting disrupts that.

In a great conversation with a friend we discussed that our approach to fitness needs to respect how we feel and recover day in and day out.  We prescribe that our members approach most all workouts with Intensity, however that term is subjective by nature.  Me being in my mid-thirties does not always allow me to give 100% everyday on every workout.  I honestly only go all out maybe a couple times a week.  The other days I am still working with Intensity but at a level that is respectful to how I feel, how I have been sleeping, how I am eating, etc.

For example:  I dislocated my hip when I was much younger.  Because of that I know I must really stretch out my hip and cannot squat heavy more than twice a week without ramifications.  Does that mean I cannot squats, NO….just that I have to respect my body.  I also woke up one day with my shoulder aching many months ago, so what did I do in the gym for 3 weeks?  I never went overhead but focused on mobility and rebuilding the stabilizing muscles….I subbed out movements until it felt better and I was confident with it.

So why do I share all this?

My approach and the approach is to be doing functional fitness/CrossFit until I am in my 90’s.  To do that I must take a long term approach.  I cannot chase a goal that is unreasonable as it likely will have a cost.

Slow down….RX is a prescription not a standard.  Using the pharmaceutical  analogy, I can take the same medicine as my 5 year old son.  However the dosage is scaled to get the appropriate stimulus for each of our bodies.  If I gave my son too much of a dose it can have serious negative affects on his body.  The same is true in the gym, taking on too much of a dose of weight or volume can have equally a negative affect on ones body.  The RX/prescription is to give a stimulus/dose and it is a dialogue with a coach/doctor to get the right amount for each person.

Keep focused on the horizon and not the short term alone.

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