Row or Bike

Crossover Symmetry

15 Squats


200m Jog

10 Trunk twists

15 Waiters Bows

10 Jumping Spiders

10 Hollow Rocks

10 in place Samson Lunges

Review the movements and warm them up….


For time:

10 L-Seated Presses
Heavy Kettlebell Swings, 15 reps
25 High Box jumps or step ups
20 Strict Pull-ups or 50 Ring Rows
75 Wallball shots
200 Double-unders or 400 Singles
Run 400 meters with a med ball



For time:

10 Handstand push-ups
250/170pound Deadlift, 15 reps
25 Box jumps, 30/24 inch box
50 Pull-ups
100 Wallball shots, 20/14 pounds, 10/9′
200 Double-unders
Run 400 meters with a 45lb plate

**Partner up to share equipment with the second group starting with a 5 minute delay.

Lieutenant Andrew Richard Nuttall, 30, from the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (1 PPCLI), based in Edmonton, Alberta, serving as a member of the 1 PPCLI Battle Group was killed by an improvised explosive device that detonated during a joint foot patrol near the village of Nakhonay in Panjwaii District, about 25 km southwest of Kandahar City on December 23, 2009. He is survived by his parents, Richard and Ethel Jane Nuttall.


Roll Posterior

Mash Quads

LAX to Plantar Fascia and Pecs

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