Row 500m

Crossover symmetry

15 hollow rocks

10 push ups

10 pull-ups

Bear crawl down

Backwards bear crawl back

15 squats

Handstand practice

10 GHD sit-ups
Partner WoD:
In teams of two, with only one person working at a time, complete the following:

200 Wall Ball Shots

600 Meter Overhead Carry (45/25 lb plate)

200 Hand release Push-Ups

600 Meter Overhead Carry (45/25 lb plate)

During carry, you must perform 3 burpees* each every time you switch the partner carrying the load.

**if raining hard, then you will replace the plate carry with one partner rowing 1,000m with the other partner holding a Plate OH (45/25)…same penalty when the plate is dropped or roles are switched.

*Burpees may be completed inside the gym at the end of each lap around the block.

Lax to pec

Roll posterior

Mash quads and IT bands

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