Resolutions never work…

It is that time of year when the gyms fill up with great intentioned folks looking to shed the cookies, drinks and holiday eating ramifications.  We have all been there before and we usually start off on the right foot for 30-60 days…then life happens.  Work gets busier, you get bored showing up to the treadmill, or the same machine routine.  It just never seems to stick the way you want it to.

I have found two reasons why that is the case for most people:

3- People really do not know what they are doing…let’s be honest.  They think going to a Metcon class, or a Spin class, and doing a circuit on the cable machines 3 times a week will get them to their goal of a magazine cover model.  While that all sounds good, it is not the right recipe for most.  Like anything in life- we either have to put in the time to research the best solution or hire a professional to short track our lack of experience to get us there.  If I am going to finish out my basement, I am sure I could hit up YouTube and figure it out, but it is certainly a better use of time to hire someone, for at a minimum “safety sake”.  So hire a coach to get you to your goal as they do not have to be that expensive based on all the time you will save.

2- The next reason is there is not someone in your corner holding you accountable to your initial goals.  You need someone cheering for you, that believes in you, but can also call you out for slacking or not doing what you should be doing.  Going down the pathway of a goal alone is never easy and never encouraged.  We all need accountability in our lives….someone to check in on us and to inspire us to do more with our lives.  We believe a gym membership should have touch points every 90 days between the member and coach.  That is a recipe for long term success.

3- You are worth it….we all can become victims of circumstances and martyrs to others in our lives and put ourselves on the back burner.  We have to get the kids to practice or help with homework or xyz.  You feel like you are the only one to do it BUT you have to make time for yourself IF you want to be there for your kids and grandkids.  You must take care of yourself first or you will not be able to take care of others that you love and care about.

The point of this is that Resolutions are a novel idea, but they are simply a dream without a plan of action.  We believe in goals that are reachable and measurable…they are something you can get behind and accomplish.

You are worth the investment!

We want to help you get there!

We will educate you towards your goal!
Here is to a bright New year…..Cheers!

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