Recovery for the Joints and Body

Whenever I get sore from workouts, which is inevitable when the stimulus is muscular endurance or intentionally a lot of volume, I turn to a couple things.  I obviously look at nutrition as the first culprit.  Am I eating the right types of foods?  I should be eating what God created and not shakes or other supplements as a primary fueling source.  Am I taking enough protein to rebuild the muscles I am tearing down?  Am I eating enough, dare i say Carbs, to sustain my efforts in gym and in life?  I do try to keep an eye on not eating too much sugar…as it spikes the insulin and creates a lot of inflammation.   Am I getting adequate rest to allow my body to recover and am I managing stress properly?

One thing that most people overlook is fat though.  Specifically a fish oil supplement as it relates to joints.  There is tons of research out there as it relates to the benefits of taking it as a supplement.  I take SFH in liquid form.  Yes the sound of drinking fish oil is not the best, however you will get a more potent dose than with gel caps with over 3200 mg of EPA and DHA.

Bottom line this is one of the supplements that I can physically feel the difference in my joints, particularly in the winter months.  I usually take a tablespoon before bed and one in the morning.  Give it a shot and let me know if you feel the difference?  For more info check out:  SFH Fish Oil Details

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