One of the most common questions we receive is “What is your pricing?” Our pricing is very dependent upon you and your specific goals and fitness background which is why we don’t list canned pricing on our website.


Some of the things that can affect your pricing include:

  • Your Prior Functional Fitness Experience
  • Your Desired Level of Coaching and Accountability
  • How Often You’d Like to Train
  • Your Sports and Athletic Background
  • Your Current Fitness Level
  • Your Comfortability with Group Classes


Asking for standardized pricing (and offering standardized memberships) is a lot like asking a Body Shop “How much will it be to fix my car?”

Obviously–it depends. Do you have a small dent? Or is your car nearly totaled? The solutions are very, very different.


Success for us is not defined as a member that continues paying, it’s defined as a member that is seeing the results they want to see. 


For that reason, you will be paired up with a Coach For Life who will walk side-by-side with you on your fitness journey for as long as you’re a member of our gym.


The first step of that journey is to have an introductory call with one of our professional coaches to:

  • Get clarity on what results you want to see
  • Determine how dedicated you really are to getting those results, and
  • Match those desires with appropriate solutions we can provide to get you the results you’ve always wanted.


We want to work with you for years, not for months. We are not a 6 Week Bootcamp or Get Fit Quick option.


For that reason, your Coach For Life will work with you to set realistic and achievable goals so that you will stay motivated through the ups and downs that we call LIFE.


We realize how much of a struggle it can be to commit yourself to a fitness routine, and your Coach For Life will work with you to make sure you’re putting in the work both inside and outside of the gym to achieve the results you’ve always wanted.


“Are you just trying to upsell me on this call?” 

Nope–we are a mature gym that has been in business for almost a decade and already have an amazing membership base (trust us, you’ll love them).


We want to talk to you so that we can meet you where you’re currently at and offer you the solution that will best help you meet your goals. 


For some people, that may include one-on-one Nutrition Coaching. For others, it may include extensive Personal Training before moving into Group Fitness Classes.


Sound like something you’re interested in?


Hit the button below to talk to one of our amazing trainers and figure out how we can help you finally reach your goals!

Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis
Everyone here I've encountered with, from the staff to other gym members. have been nothing but friendly and respectful!
Janet Mirzoyan
Janet Mirzoyan
Joined this great gym in September and never regretted. The coaches are great, the owners are very nice and welcoming, the atmosphere is just positive. I have never done CrossFit and in a matter of 3 months I see the changes in my body. The coaches genuinely care about the members and are always available to help or answer any questions. I am probably the only one who keeps asking the coaches to show the moves several times and not once have I noticed a hesitation. They will show me until I get. I also love that during our workout the coach will walk around to make sure you are doing everything right. My son has joined their youth program and loves it.
Lee Ponder
Lee Ponder
Great coaching and community!
Tiffany Underwood
Tiffany Underwood
First, the workouts are effective. I’m seeing changes in my body that I’ve not gotten after 10 years of trying every workout known to man. They are genuinely fun and not boring at all. Second, the support is amazing. They don’t just chuck you into the workouts and wish you the best. They train you on how to do the movements and protect you from injury. I, personally, have a lot of old injuries that I’m working around. I took a long time to try CSF, because I felt like there was no point in going if I had to modify everything. But there are so many modifications that are available that offer just as good a workout! The coaches are happy to offer ideas for work-arounds!! They communicate and cheerlead you in the best possible ways. Third, the gym is so warm and welcoming. Every class has its own personality so you can find just your right spot. I admit I rolled my eyes at the term “fit fam”, but it really genuinely feels like a family and I genuinely love it.
Adam Lovell
Adam Lovell
This is a fantastic gym that is very welcoming to crossfit newbies like myself! Brilliant staff who are interested in seeing you grow as an athlete and do their utmost to ensure your safe and correct education in all of the key areas of gym life. Classes are flexible and diverse and your fellow athletes are super encouraging and supportive. If you've ever been interested in reshaping your life and your body, this is the place!


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