Power in a Community of Connectedness- social networks ain’t where it’s at

 I believe that one of the biggest issues we all face these days is isolation from others. Think about it, we are “more connected” via technology in a sense, but not in reality. We can now tweet, hit up the Insta, post on someone’s wall, snapchat (never tried that one), and many other forms of social connectedness but yet we are far from connected. Think about this, you are likely connected to hundred or thousands or more people via social media now than you ever have in your life. You likely know lots of folks via school, work, or church….but how well do you know the folks you actually interact with on a regular basis???

What I mean by this is- I bet you know more people, meaning you can cite certain facts about their life by viewing your news feeds, but never know anything about who they are. What makes them tick or the past that has shaped and directed their present life. You likely have very few deep relationships that bring value to you or that you can add value to them.

One analogy is to think….your network may be much wider than it once was but I would contend it is likely much shallower than it was 10 years ago without all this Zuckerburg stuff, unless you are extremely intentional about going deeper with folks.

I believe this is a tactic that society, life, or even those wanting to detour us from progress utilize. They want to isolate us from those valuable relationships. Think of it this way- you rarely see a alcoholic that has a strong group of friends around them encouraging them to be better everyday….they find themselves alone with a bottle. You see- the world may seem to be more connected on the surface but the surface is just that…shallow. We all need to find community where we can be honest, transparent, and trusting of others. This may sound odd or rare but these things do exist and you often times have to be intentional in pursuing them.

BUT like anything else in the world, the good things in life are rarely served on a silver platter, you must work for them. So go find a group of folks you admire: at a church, a group of moms, or a small group of men that meet regularly. Ask them hard questions and be willing to share things about yourself.

I do know this, the world would certainly be a better place if we were all connected in a community that supports us as we are and encourages daily to be better!

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