Our Prescription for a Great Life…

Life can be crazy, some people are crazy and others just crazy busy….with work, kids, friends, and keeping up with the status quo….life can be overwhelming. We all work towards a happy or a fulfilling life but we often times find ourselves distracted or getting off the track we once set out on.  
We at CS&F try to provide an environment that is a healthy balance of fitness, fun and community…a place that you want to keep coming back. Where, like Norm, everybody knows your name and you are so glad you came. A place that makes you better and keeps you accountable to getting better. So what do we prescribe when it comes to fitness to have a great life? It is summed up in 5 simple things that we all can do….

1) Do the “Code of Fitness” 2-3 times per week….come to group classes and have fun with your friends and make new ones.

2) Follow the Cumming Strength and Fitness Guidelines for Nutrition/Rest/Relaxation…..Eat Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, Lean Meats, avoid sugar and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. And get at least an hour off to yourself once a week to unwind.

3) Play a sport at least once a week, try a new sport once a year…that can be recreational or in the backyard with your kids but keep learning.

4) Get out in nature at least once a week….tie this in with relaxation if you must or an active recovery day….go for a hike, do yard work, go on the lake, etc.

5) Embark on a new adventure at least once a year….do not get stuck in the rut of life…..try something new….see new places and live like a kid occasionally.

As simplistic as these are, people neglect themselves in the namesake of being a good parent or a good spouse or a good employee. However we have a saying in our household and it goes something like this…..

“If I am not healthy then I cannot take care of the ones I love. If the health of my relationship with my spouse is not healthy then I cannot model good relationships to my children. If I do not have a good relationship with my children then I cannot expect them to love others.”

It all starts with you taking care of yourself so you can take care of the ones that matter most to you. So challenge yourself to take on the CS&F Prescription for a Great Life.

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