#OpenHeartChallenge: Body Slamming Generosity

I don’t cry easily.  It takes a lot.  Over the last two days however, the tears won’t stop flowing.  I am overwhelmed by the good that is in people.  I am overwhelmed at how large of an impact that a few people can make.  Our community inspires me daily…giving me a very large sense of pride in what we do and how we do it.
We challenged our community to performing a simple act of kindness over the last 48 hours to not only earn a point for their intramural team, during our CrossFit Intramural Open Tournament, but to make an impact in our local community.  It could be as simple as a hug to a friend.  Upon first glance at this challenge I personally had no idea what kind of acts or emotions would come of it.  We asked our members to post publicly of their kindness not to draw attention to it but to inspire and encourage others.  We were BLOWN away by the generosity of the people we coach on a daily basis.  The acts ranged from gift cards to teacher’s to contributions to purchase a CAR for a single mom in need…yes..a whole car.
What did we learn from this challenge?  Several things but most importantly it doesn’t take much to love and serve others.  A challenge as simple as this can make a HUGE impact in a community.  A band of friends, sisters and brothers can come together as a unit and body slam generosity.  We did just that.  Not for our own attention…but to inspire others to do the same.
At the conclusion of this weeks challenge we decided it shouldn’t stop here.  We challenged another gym in the area to keep the challenge going with their community throughout the Open.  They agreed 100% to keep it going.  If you or your community, your family, your office, your anything wants to keep the challenge going…hashtag #openheartchallenge and keep the love flowing!  We certainly train the body each day at the gym, but we cannot forget to train the soul.
Here are some of the things our community did and gave to:
-bought a CAR for a single mom in need (church matched 1/2 of the -funds raised)
-socks for friends
-bought breakfast and coffee for strangers
-gave blood
-donations to Goodwill
-free babysitting
-donation to world indigenous mission
-doughnuts for a medical practice
-hand written notes to friends
-donation for a friend adopting a baby
-coffee for the whole gym
-fresh treats for a dental office
-donation to Make a Wish Foundation
-dog treats donated to Humane Society
-treats for a local fire station
-donation to Wounded Warrior Foundation
-random gift cards on cars in a shopping center parking lot
-free hugs
-doughnuts for school staff
-gift cards for teachers
-chores for friends
-donation to friends Mission Trips
-treats and flowers to neighbors
-new swag for staff members
-donation to Girls on the Run Organization
-frosty’s for Grandma’s and Aunt’s
-large tips at restaurants
-gift cards to clients
-helping friends in need
-delivering over 100 chicken biscuits
-donation to Special Operations Warrior Foundation
-donation to Cystic Fibrosis
-gas for a stranger
-cards and flowers for employees
-gave a client a discount on services
-bought lunch for friends
-helped another teacher at school
-bought groceries for a stranger
-bundt cakes for kids sports coaches
-helped substitute teaching for a teacher
-donated dog beds to animal shelter
-bought a stranger a gift card at Michael’s
-filled daughter’s car with 100 balloons for her bday
-helped friends with kids
You guys Rock!
-Jill & Hunter

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