#OpenHand Challenge Results….

Wow….we are blown away by everyones generosity in the community at the gym.  Yes- there was some fun competition behind it but there was so much love behind it all to make an impact in local families all around us!

Meals by Grace was extremely appreciative for everyones generosity.  The harsh truth is that many families (kids) here is Forsyth County that many of our kids go to school with do not have meals at home.  During school they only get to eat breakfast and lunch at school and rarely a dinner.  With the service that Meals by Grace provides they are offsetting that statistic for many kids and families.

Stephen let me know that our donations will go to feed the kids over Spring Break when they do not have school lunches to nourish their bodies as well as over Summer break.  If you and your kids ever want to volunteer to pack meals or even deliver you can visit their website at:

Meals by Grace

The results were staggering.  In total as a gym we all contributed:

Mac & Cheese- 427 boxes at 1,281 servings

Canned Fruit- 341 cans at 768 servings

Peanut Butter & Jelly- 311 containers at 5,183 servings

Granola Bars- 1,434 bars/servings

A grand total of 2,513 units and a total of 8,666 servings to feed our community!

That is amazing and makes me proud!

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