#OpenHeart Challenge: Fitness for the Soul

We are in the midst of our Intramural Open Team Challenge we do annually that lasts 5 weeks.  It consists of one challenge workout a week and then we have some non-workout challenges for fun.

This week we challenged over 100+ people to do something unexpected for others outside the gym.  They are to do a random act of kindness and capture it in a picture and post to FaceBook to encourage their friends to do something similar.  We are seeing people donate blood, buying coffee for a stranger, hand writing a note to someone, or donuts for their child’s teacher.

None of these are expensive or require all that much effort, minus the blood giving perhaps….kudos Mark!  The point is by taking time out of our week to make others feel special or appreciated is awesome.  It is so much more rewarding than buying something for yourself or not acknowledging others around.  Many of us, myself included, go throughout our day passing by lots of people not even really acknowledging them.  In life that is what we all want as humans, to be known and appreciated.

So what does this have to do with fitness?  Everything- it reaches down to our souls and encourages us and others around us.  In a world of self seeking influences this makes life fun and rewarding.

We challenge those reading this to do the same….go do something unexpected for someone else.  Take a picture and post in on FaceBook and hashtag #openheartchallenge.


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