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Things are moving and shaking at Cumming Strength and Fitness and we wanted to let you in on it! My favorite question to ask people is…”Where would you be today if you had started working on your fitness goals a year ago?” The best time to start something new, is now. Don’t wait for the right moment…dive in and see how you will answer my question in one year’s time with us. You can be 7 or 70…we have something for you. You can be a super competitive athlete…or not so much…or not even close…and we have something for you. Check it out!

In order to accommodate the variety of goals for our athletes, we have expanded our offerings. Take a look at our new services…

Personalized Nutrition Services

Endurance Programming

CS&F Kids and Teen classes

Kids Gymnastics classes

Fundamentals Training

Sports Team Training

For additional information on the above programs, read below:


If you are ready to make a change, it starts with nutrition. Our nutrition coach will sit down with you one-on-one and build a plan for you based on your goals whether it be to lose, gain, maintain, or increase performance. Every ‘body’ is different, so not every plan works for each person. This personalized approach ensures you are getting exactly what you need for your body type and activity level. Email Rachel Holden at for more information and to schedule your first session.

Endurance Programming

Are you an endurance athlete looking to improve your race times? This program is for you! Your coach will customize a program for you based on what your goals are and will work with your running technique, speed, and efficiency resulting in drastic improvements. For more details read up here: programs/team-endurance/.

For more information on this program or to speak with a coach, please email Brent Johnston at

Kids and Teens

Starting next week on June 17th, we will kick off our summer Kids and Teen sessions! This program is for kids and teens looking to improve their overall health, to gain an edge in sports performance and to make some super cool new friends.

Kids will meet Wednesday and Friday at 4:30pm

Teens will meet Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm

For more information or to register for a free class, please email Stacy Lemons at

Kids Gymnastics

We are rolling out this new program due to high demand. Taught by two national level gymnasts, your child will learn the basics of gymnastics and tumbling in a fun atmosphere. We will also be adding adult classes very soon.

Ages 4-6 will meet on Monday’s at 10:30am
Ages 7-10 will meet on Tuesday’s at 10:30am

For more information, please email

Fundamental Training

Interested in CrossFit? Looks fun but maybe a little intimidating? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Before beginning our group classes, each person will take a minimum of 10 personal training sessions to learn all 30+ CrossFit movements, to gain knowledge of the barbell and gymnastics techniques and to build a baseline of fitness. Getting started is as simple as scheduling a complimentary one-on-one fitness assessment.  

For much more detailed information please read here: getting-started/.

Sports Team Training

If your sports team is looking for a competitive edge, this program is what you are looking for. Coaches Hunter and Jill both stem from backgrounds in collegiate athletics and build programs for these athletes with sport specific goals. If your team wants in on the action, email us at

We look forward to continuing to expand our programs and add more services throughout the year. You can keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram! Search for Cumming Strength and Fitness.

Thank you and we look forward to what the future holds for all of us!

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