MONDAY 200720


200m Jog
15 Leg Swings each way
15 Waiter Bows
Calf Stretch against the wall or rig post
15 Swinging Bear Hugs
10 Push ups
5 Strict Pullups or 10 ring rows
10 Down/Ups

Review the workout structure….
Prep your double Unders or Lateral Hops

FITNESS 200720

For time:
1600 Meter Run
12 Strict Pull-Ups
40 Push-Ups
80 Lateral Jumps Over Dumbbell
40 Push-Ups
12 Strict Pull-Ups
2000 Meter Row


For time:

2000 Meter Row
20 Pull-Ups
40 Push-Ups
80 Double-Unders
40 Push-Ups
20 Pull-Ups
1600 Meter Run

Time cap of 32 minutes.

At Home Warm-up

Two sets of:

30 Seconds of Jumping Jacks
30 Seconds of Squat Jumps @ 2 sec escend Tempo
60 Seconds of Pigeon Pulses per Side
60 Seconds of Downward Dog Stretch
30 Seconds of Single Leg Deadlifts per Leg
30 Seconds of Down Ups

Rest 30 Seconds

Beast Maker EMOM

When the running clock reaches 15:00, perform the following…

Every minute, on the minute, for 28 minutes (7 sets) of:
Station 1: 18-20/12-15 Calorie Bike or Row or 6- 10M shuttles
Station 2: 12-16 Alternating Arm Dumbbell or Kettlebell Thrusters
Station 3: *Max Reps of Beast-Makers
Station 4: Rest

Beast-Makers = Row Left, Push-Up, Row Right, Squat Clean to Overhead

Tracking Beast Maker reps

Recovery core

When the running clock reaches 45:00, perform the following…

Three sets of:
30 seconds of Side Plank each Side
30 seconds of Hollow Hold
30 seconds of Hip Bridges
Rest as needed between sets


LAX to Feet and Pecs
Banded Hamstrings
Roll Posterior

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